Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday - Coburg Crits

CCC Criterium - Cambellfield

D'alfonso (C) - 1st!
Duggan (C) - 1st! no wait... 6th... 

Beautiful day for racing at our first mission up to Campbellfield for the Coburg criterium. Large field 40+ riders in C-grade. Various attacks went early. TDR had set a nominal goal of getting in a breakaway together and working hard without being overly-concious about placing. Just good hard yakka.

Small break formed. Disappeared into the B grade bunch. Duggan dragged D'alfonso around B to latch on the back of the attackers only to find that they were 200 m up the road. TDR swapped turns until in a moment of clarity, it was realised that the break up the road was actually the B-grade break! The gas was turned down and we slowed to see where the other C-grade riders were. Finally 4 joined us, including 3 juniors, who exclaimed "Keep going! We're in a break!". Really? That was news to us...

6 riders in the break. Serious turns being done by 3 or 4. With 10 minutes to go one rider continued to attack out of the break, be caught, rest at the back of the paceline, then repeat. 5 minutes to go Duggan lost contact after covering one too many attacks and doing a little too much work. Rode solo to the finish about 200m behind the front 5.

Last lap - D'alfonso rode on the front with little work being offered by the remaining 4. 300 m to go down the hill the first junior attacked. D'alfonso easily countered and won the sprint by some distance.

Classic moment during result presentation where they had recorded Duggan 1st for C-grade. D'alfonso was not a happy camper.

Well done mate. Happy all around.

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