Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coburg Crit and Track Tuesday...

We're racing so much at the moment it's been hard to find time to update the blog!

Time for a download...

Coburg Criterium - 12/03/11

D'alfonso (C) - Mid pack
Duggan (C) - 1st!

After Palfensa's rampaging win from a breakaway last week, our tactics changed such that roles were reversed to see if TDR could score another win by getting Duggan up for the bunch sprint. A sunny day with a howling headwind up back straight prevented breaks and provided for a very fast approach to the downhill finish.

Initially having trouble sitting in after doing some early work, Duggan relied on D'alfonso as domestique to reign in any would be attacks. Several went off the front to no avail as the conditions made it tough for small breaks to go. D'alfonso moved to the front late in the race and upped the tempo for the last 5 laps pulling in a weak escape attempt and ensuring only the stronger riders were at the fore before the last corner and the bunch sprint.

In a tactically inane move which risked all the energy D'alfonso had expended, Duggan went early and off the front. Luckily no one was able to come around despite having the advantage of his wheel at 67 km/h over the line. B-grade next week.

BCC Tuesday Track - 15/03/11

D'alfonso (B) - 1st Scratch/1st Handicap/1st Motorpace!
Duggan (C) - 1st Scratch/1st Points/1st Motorpace!

Another quiet night in all grades except C saw modified racing with A and B combined. D'alfonso shone being the only B-grader to hold onto the A graders in the scratch and the 60 lap motorpace! Massive props came left right and center from the small A grade bunch. Great ride mate.

Duggan was able to get up for the win in all C-grade races fairly comfortably and is at risk of having Alf boot him up to B-grade to once again get a taste for bar tape...

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  1. Awesome results guys, well done!
    Steve, I'm replacing my bar tape, do you want me to bring you some to taste?