Monday, March 21, 2011

Another win for TDR.

Wednesday Hawthorn Crit series.


As autumn draws closer and the end of the Crit season gets closer its nice to know that TDR is starting to shine. A cloudy and somewhat gloomy day greeted riders for the weekly Hawthorn crit race. After the heroics on Tuesday night Palfensa decided to sit out the crit citing 'mental burnout' unlike Duggan, where the previous nights racing just increased his desire to lay down some rubber on the crit circuit. Under Palfensa's considered gaze Duggan hid mid pack for the first half of the race, occasionally popping up to let the other riders know he was skulking about ready to attack. As the race drew to a close Duggan, after getting boxed in on the back straight, unleashed a massive attack on the up hill finish, taking 8 wheels, and powering over the line for a well deserved victory. In the process threatening to get promoted to B grade, and heralding the arrival of TDR onto the local-club small team stage.

Duggan (C) - 1st !

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