Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday Track - 27/09/2011

Words by Dingus Dave...

Brunswick CC's Tuesday Track - 27th September 2011

Duggan (B Grade 1st Scratch / 1st Progressive Points / 3rd Motorpace), Hogan (C Grade 7th Scratch / 1st Progressive Points / 1st Motorpace) and Mills (C Grade) were back at the track for TDR.

C Grade scratch saw Hogan caught at last wheel of 12 when Bryce McKenzie (FOA) did his usual trick of attacking with 5 laps to go. The field strung out, with Hogan and Mills pushing hard to the line mid pack.

Duggan brought some solid form into this week, and continued his good run with a strong performance in the scratch, driving a breakaway of four early in the race. With a healthy lead, the four started foxing on the second last lap as the pace slowed dramatically. The chase bunch was stirred into action and it was all back together as the sprint started with one to go. But Duggan put the head down and went for home, leading out for another win.

Progressive points were next up, The C Grade pace was high throughout, with Hogan sitting 4th wheel for the first few laps. An attack on Lap 6 gave him the points for laps 6 and 7, before dropping back to fourth wheel to rest. With good legs, Hogan attacked again on lap 10 to take another 10 points, and was straining to hold off a fast finishing Mills on lap 11. They hit the line locked together, with neither sure who got the points, Hogan sat up while Mills pushed on to try and get the final 12 points. But it was a fruitless pursuit, as Hogan was awarded the points on lap 11 to give him a 34 point total and the overall win.

Duggan continued his scorching form in the Progressive Points, doing enough to take 30 points for another impressive win.

C Grade motorpace was 35 laps, and faster than the snooze fest the week before. Having recovered from the effort in the points race, Hogan attacked from 4th wheel with 1.5 laps to go, trying hard not to spin out on a relatively low 86 gear inches. He was swamped by McKenzie and one other right on the line, with the three wheels hitting the line together. Once again, Hogan had some good friends on the desk, and was given the win.

B Grade on this night featured a Malaysian national team sandbagger, Ang, who was racing with female dynamo and Phillipino Apryl Eppinger. Duggan sat on Ang's wheel for the B Grade motorpace thinking it the smart move, but Ang blew up when Eppinger attacked. Duggan was caught out as Eppinger and another got away with a lap to go, but he launched a thunderous chase down the back straight on the last lap. He closed quickly, but ran out of track crossing the line 3rd to finish off a solid night for the boys.

Good effort too from FOA's Rolly Cox, who finally stepped up to D Grade and showed it was well overdue with two solid second places in the scratch and motorpace, and a huge chase effort in the Progressive Points that deserved some points but went unrewarded.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The TDR Junior Development Program

TDR have an extensive junior development program (JDP) up and running to bring through the new talent. The program currently features young Charlie, an enthusiastic track rider from the northern suburbs. Currently focusing on sub 11 second flying 200s and match sprinting, Charlie is looking forward to the Metro champs later in November. 

If you think you have what it takes to join Charlie and the TDR JDP, send through a CV and complete palmares to

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tuesday Track - 20/09/2011

Words and spelling by Mills...

Race report – Brunswick CC Tuesday Track Night 

With Duggan, D’alfonso and Watson all out due to work responsibilities it fell to Hogan (TDR) and Mills (H.Krew/TDR) to up hold TDR’s name, along with the rest of Hell Krew and newly emerging FOA* boys. There was a nice turn out and a bit of friendly trash talk and a whole lot of general shenanigans going on as people prepped there bikes and warmed up for the nights events, Bailey, Brunswick’s gun A grader was also making a return to the track for the first time in 6 months after a long bout of illness.

With only 10 laps to test the mettle of the C graders racing tonight and a decent turn out of spectator’s Mills thought he’d give them something interesting to watch, after 4 and a half laps of the usual rolling of turns and friendliness, mills got out of the saddle a kicked from 4th wheel to off the front in a matter of seconds on the back straight with 5 and a ½ laps to go no one reacted and let him go, it was only when T. Higginbottom(FOA) and R. Gillieland(H.Krew) bridged the gap that the chase began, caught 3 laps out Mills and Gillieland kept the pace up rolling quick turns and staying at the front of the pack, with a small break on the bell Gillieland and McKenzie (FOA) ended up with 1st and 2nd , with Mills just getting pipped on the line for 3rd by Greg Walker to take 4th.

5 laps with 3 sprints @ 10, 5 & 0 meant this would be fast with little time for recovery, 2 laps in and McKenzie breaks, the chase is on with Gillieland on 2nd wheel and mills taking 3rd, on the final corner gillieland goes over the top to get 5 points leaving McKenzie and Mills to take 2nd and 3rd respectively, the pace drops dramatically and people are looking around waiting for some one to go, 2 laps to go and mills finds himself with nice momentum and breaks over the top of the group, the chase kicks up and Mills takes second with Gillieland and Hogan on his wheel.
With a few tired faces around Hogan draws on his endurance after a season on of road racing and training and goes for the last set of points with a 2 lap attack he takes the final 5 points up on offer with Mills grabbing 2 for a 3rd and Gillieland just scraping a point in he final sprint.

Final Results -
1 Romain Mathis on 8 
2 Ryan Gilleland on 8 
3 Dave Hogan on 7

Motor Pace
The last few weeks had seen some short and fast Motor Pace’s with only 30 laps and Mills feeling like he’d been under geared for the last few weeks a quick change of the rear sprocket and a few extra gear inch’s were his. But a less than usually paced Motor Pace meant the higher gearing only loaded up the legs and did no good, Gillieland being ill positioned (2nd last wheel) when we went to pounce lead him into wall of riders all the way the up the boards doing the same thing blocking his attack. A well-timed sprint over the top saw McKenzie and Hogan both in with a shot, but with a large sprint bunch it was to close to tell at the time.

Final Results -
1 Ray Box 
2 Bryce McKenzie 
3 N. Aolum

Worthy of a mention:
  • Bailey (Brunswick) won all three A grade races coming in on ill form and out of practice
  • T. Higginbottom on his second night at the track put up a strong perfomance ic a C grade scratch and took out first in both the D grade points and Motor Pace
  • B. Cooper (FOA) also on his second track outing took away a  2nd and a third in the E grade Motor Pace and Scratch

For full results click here

*FOA= Melbourne based user’s of, a forum based around Australian fixed gear bikes and riding  

Monday, September 19, 2011

Race Report - Sunbury CC Trophy Race


Race Report - Sunbury CC Trophy Race - Kyneton/Pastoria - C grade

TDR lads Watson, Hogan and Duggan along with sole Hell Krew representative Kent, rolled up to Kyneton on a cracking morning for racing. Sunny with a little wind which built throughout the day making for interesting racing. 3 laps of the Pastoria circuit. A day for the climbers surely?

Roll out.

Leisurely pace initially before Paddy Mc (SBY) decided to stretch the legs and go off the front. With a long way to go the reaction from the bunch was not immediate, allowing Paddy to remain out front. When Col Bell (SBY) went across the gap up one of the short sharp climbs, those willing to work  came forward and some turns were swapped. The chasers included TDR's very own Hogan, who was showing good form early in the race along with Kent. Watson had a focused look on his face, preparing himself for the inevitable onslaught of the Bald Hill climb. 

Eventually reeled in, Paddy became immediately itchy in the face of the dramatically reduce pace of the peloton and attacked once again. Again willing to give him a bit of distance before starting the chase in earnest, the peloton set the cruise control and kept the lone rider in sight.

On the first ascent of the notorious Bald Hill, several riders pushed the pace presumably in an effort to test the legs and the resolve of those just swinging around the back. As the heavy breathing would attest, the pace testing everyone. Duggan, Hogan and Kent went over the top with the front bunch, with Watson only a few metres off the back, soon to get back on. 

The pressure was continued on the downhill to make it difficult for shelled riders to get back on right the way down to the sharp left-hander go restart the loop. The pace slowed and Duggan and Hogan were just having a chat about how the pace always slows at this point and it being a pretty good time to feed. 

Pulls Winners Bar out. Loud *Click* *Clack* *Click*. Lads on the front smack it. 
"Oh you smft..." *Stuffs unopened bar in mouth and puts head down* 

With building cross-winds, the back straight turned into a bit of a gutter-fest with several of the big diesels testing the smaller guys on the undulating course. Watson, Hogan and Kent were caught out by the accelerations and dropped off the back just at the end of the back straight, continuing a hard chase keeping the peloton in sight for the remainder of the lap.

Duggan managing to hang on moved to the front after finally consuming the slobbery bar he had shoved in his mouth to endure the cross-wind pain. Second ascent of the major climb saw Michael Read (Preston) go clear with a gradual but well timed attack up the hill. With few pure climbers left, the remainder of the bunch looked around and was resolved to pace each other up the hill.

Cresting the climb, the chase was on in earnest with Read holding a 500 m advantage. Flying down the front straight, and over the start-finish line which was moved a considerable way down the descent from the usual location, the chase was on in earnest with several of the 10 or so remaining riders contributing. 

Staying away for the remainder of the race was always going to be a tall task for Read, and he was eventually reeled in. Despite a few attacks and efforts to form a larger break, the pace typically settled in as everyone recognised that the final climb, and indeed descent, would be telling. 

As the final ascent commenced, Read intelligently set a high pace and pulled away from the chasing group of heavier riders. The group was whittled down to about 6 by the top of the climb and the chase for Read and the win began in earnest. With one of the strongest in the bunch leading the way down the hill, the fight was on for the following wheel.

With Read still 100 m in front, the strong rider recognising that leading the chase was not the place to be, and only 500 m to go (?), Duggan had to go. Attacking up the inside and going full-noise across the gap to Read, Duggan got out of the saddle and wound it up as much as he could past Read to minimise the chance of him getting a wheel. 

Rounding the final corner.... wait... this isn't the final corner? Sh#t... 

Duggan deep in the hurt box looked back once to see a freight-train coming down the hill after him. Keep going... 

Duggan looked back once more to see a Kings Men rider coming across the gap only 25 m behind. Get out of the saddle to kick to try to break his resolve. It works. He sits up. Relief.  

1st Duggan
2nd Peter Markey
3rd Cam McKimm     
Great day with Sunbury CC. Not to mention the bubbly! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday Track - is back!

... well for Duggan anyway...

BCC Tuesday Track Racing - 13/09/2011


Mills (C) - Rode strong all night in a strong grade
Hogan (C) - Picked up a solid 2nd in the Points race.
Watson (C) - picked up a solid second in the motorpace
Duggan (B) - 2nd Scratch/1st Motorpace/1st Points. Happy after 2 months off the boards.

Good racing with good crew. Selected pictures courtesy of Liam Coghlan. More here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CSV Cyclocross Open - Beer Report

TDR made an appearance at the Cycling Victoria Cyclocross Open at DISC on Sunday. Loaded with beers and wit, the crew supported all through the gruelling back section of the course.

Photos courtesy of Brian Mangano Photography. Check out his website for more photos. A keen supporter (and racer!) of grassroots cycling in Melbourne.

NikCee smashing it with TDR handing up 'tips'
Gene Mills looking focused ignoring the reckless slander spewing from the sideline
Not sure if it was just the beer, but this guy just did the raddest mono into that puddle

Race Report - Hawthorn CC Trophy Race

Emotional undulations...

Race Report - Hawthorn CC Trophy Race - Gisborne South

Briskly cold and windy conditions met Watson and Duggan as they arrived at the Gisborne South course for the Hawthorn CC Trophy race. Having yet to race here this road season, the lads were regaled with all kinds of fanciful talk about the relentlessness of the major climb lap after lap, and the danger of the cross-winds when the race really fires up. Who would have thought the majority of this banter factual... 

The plan? Hang on for as long as possible and be involved in the race. We just wanted to go home after riding hard, getting a solid workout.   

Roll out. Neutral until ascent of the climb and the start-finish line. 8 more laps and ascents of the hill after completing an 8 km loop to go! 

Straight away the pressure was on. Several Hawthorn CC (HCC) riders had made an appearance in C-grade today that hadn't been seen all season. A bit on banter in the pack revealed that this was their first race of the season, although their massive thighs and calves indicated the contrary. Two of them went off the front immediately and Duggan jumped across, hoping to get clear with these big diesels. 

Eventually reeled in, Duggan settled in to continue the pressure and high-pace, possibly to the detriment of Watson who had a mechanical on the first lap! An unfortunate slip of the brake cable meant a pad was in constant contact with the rim. A quick stop to rectify the problem meant he was off the back and unfortunately unable to rejoin. A 60 km individual time-trial ensued, ensuring he stayed in front of the D-grade bunch.

With about 4 laps to go, and some seriously slow pace up the major climb, Michael Holder (MUCyc) and two HCC counterparts jumped off the front of the pack managing to gap the field. While the response was very unorganised from the peloton, it was immediate. A number of riders including Michael Sparke (BWK), Col Bell (Sunbury) and Duggan were contributing to a sporadic chase eventually reeling in the escapees. 

Whilst the pace was on, three riders went down in an incident at the back of the pack. The high pace and cross-tailwinds probably contributing. Our understanding is both injured riders taken to hospital have been released and despite losing a lot of skin, are ok. We, along with the rest of the peloton, wish them a speedy recovery!  

During the chase, one of the HCC riders had jumped off the front of the breakaway, overtaken the B-grade bunch ahead, and continued to ride solo ahead of the peloton. With some confusion ensuing after the catch of the remainder of the breakaway and with Duggan setting the pace on the penultimate ascent of the major climb, Sparke took his chances and attacked. 

Duggan sat up whilst the peloton decided who was going to lead the chase as both Sparke and Duggan had been driving the front of the bunch for a significant part of the race. Eventually the same Sunbury riders took charge, setting a good tempo and slowly but surely reeling in Sparke. 

At the base of the final ascent, Duggan was again on the front, riding tempo in an attempt to both slow the peloton giving Sparke a chance to stay away, whilst also delaying the surge up the hill as long as possible. When it finally came led by Holder, Duggan had no legs after contributing to so much chasing. The few remaining with good legs followed Holder up the hill to the line. Holder rounding out another good ride, catching Sparke before the line to take second. Sparke a great ride for third. 

The HCC rider smashing it solo off the front for 4 laps ahead of the B-grade bunch took the win and scored himself an entry into the "Sandbagger of the Year" award which TDR will be proudly presenting at the conclusion of the season. Submit your nominations now! The HCC rider is a clear favourite ahead of Sean O'Callaghan in this years Three Day Tour, who is shortening after some big bets from smart money on the weekend.     

Monday, September 5, 2011

Coburg Criterium - Race Report

That's not a headwind.... this is a headwind...

Coburg CC Criterium - 5/09/2011

Sunny conditions with a brutal, blustery northerly wind met racers at the National Boulevard on Saturday for a Coburg CC criterium. The hardest part of the day was easily the ride up Sydney Road to the course. TDR fortunately joined forces with the MUCyc and Canard guys who shared the work in the wind.

With only Mills, Watson and Duggan in attendance, numbers were down for any lead-outs. This was widely considered fortunate, as the 50 km/h tailwind on the home straight looked like a dangerous finish. Plan for the day: attack!

Roll out. Round the first corner. Click click - 53:12. Attack.

With 45 minutes of riding to be complete, Duggan possibly bit off more than he could chew with a first lap attack. Surprised to see no one follow or even respond, Duggan settled in for about 15 minutes off the front. Riding solo into the brutal headwind on the back straight made for very hard going, with Duggan eventually reeled in after a chase by Tom Christie (MUCyc) and others. Cheeky grins exchanged between the TDR lads, it was clear it was going to be one of those days...

With Watson and Mills looking strong in the bunch, Duggan again tried in vain to get off the front, thwarted by riders jumping his wheel. Once again the pace settled down with the pace making being shared by a few riders. Several attacks by other riders had heart rates raised when Duggan decided to give it another go, bridging to a rider hanging off the front, with Tom Christie on his wheel. Tom pulled through smoothly and a group started to form, with 6 riders working together to keep the pressure on.  

Caught out by the split in the bunch, Mills and Watson worked hard with the remaining bunch to reel in the escapee's. Duggan continued to sit in the breakaway trying to recover, atypically shirking the work knowing that he had burnt quite a few matches in the earlier stages of the race.   

With the 6 riders clearly away, the cat and mouse games started on the last lap. A well timed, suicidal attack from Michael Holder (MUCyc) went away  with a kilometre to go as the remainder of the bunch looked at each other. Finally Christie reacted and chased his own team mate, only to go into the red just before the penultimate corner. With only 500 m to go, Duggan was forced to set the pace, managing the distance between the group and Holder, whilst watching his shoulder for the inevitable attacks. 

The attacks didn't come with everyone content to ride on Duggan's wheel. With no other choice Duggan clicked into 53-12 and sprinted down the final straight, running out of road, passing Holder 2 m after the line. 

A great attack and ride from Holder. Well deserved win. Chapeu!