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Tuesday Track - 20/09/2011

Words and spelling by Mills...

Race report – Brunswick CC Tuesday Track Night 

With Duggan, D’alfonso and Watson all out due to work responsibilities it fell to Hogan (TDR) and Mills (H.Krew/TDR) to up hold TDR’s name, along with the rest of Hell Krew and newly emerging FOA* boys. There was a nice turn out and a bit of friendly trash talk and a whole lot of general shenanigans going on as people prepped there bikes and warmed up for the nights events, Bailey, Brunswick’s gun A grader was also making a return to the track for the first time in 6 months after a long bout of illness.

With only 10 laps to test the mettle of the C graders racing tonight and a decent turn out of spectator’s Mills thought he’d give them something interesting to watch, after 4 and a half laps of the usual rolling of turns and friendliness, mills got out of the saddle a kicked from 4th wheel to off the front in a matter of seconds on the back straight with 5 and a ½ laps to go no one reacted and let him go, it was only when T. Higginbottom(FOA) and R. Gillieland(H.Krew) bridged the gap that the chase began, caught 3 laps out Mills and Gillieland kept the pace up rolling quick turns and staying at the front of the pack, with a small break on the bell Gillieland and McKenzie (FOA) ended up with 1st and 2nd , with Mills just getting pipped on the line for 3rd by Greg Walker to take 4th.

5 laps with 3 sprints @ 10, 5 & 0 meant this would be fast with little time for recovery, 2 laps in and McKenzie breaks, the chase is on with Gillieland on 2nd wheel and mills taking 3rd, on the final corner gillieland goes over the top to get 5 points leaving McKenzie and Mills to take 2nd and 3rd respectively, the pace drops dramatically and people are looking around waiting for some one to go, 2 laps to go and mills finds himself with nice momentum and breaks over the top of the group, the chase kicks up and Mills takes second with Gillieland and Hogan on his wheel.
With a few tired faces around Hogan draws on his endurance after a season on of road racing and training and goes for the last set of points with a 2 lap attack he takes the final 5 points up on offer with Mills grabbing 2 for a 3rd and Gillieland just scraping a point in he final sprint.

Final Results -
1 Romain Mathis on 8 
2 Ryan Gilleland on 8 
3 Dave Hogan on 7

Motor Pace
The last few weeks had seen some short and fast Motor Pace’s with only 30 laps and Mills feeling like he’d been under geared for the last few weeks a quick change of the rear sprocket and a few extra gear inch’s were his. But a less than usually paced Motor Pace meant the higher gearing only loaded up the legs and did no good, Gillieland being ill positioned (2nd last wheel) when we went to pounce lead him into wall of riders all the way the up the boards doing the same thing blocking his attack. A well-timed sprint over the top saw McKenzie and Hogan both in with a shot, but with a large sprint bunch it was to close to tell at the time.

Final Results -
1 Ray Box 
2 Bryce McKenzie 
3 N. Aolum

Worthy of a mention:
  • Bailey (Brunswick) won all three A grade races coming in on ill form and out of practice
  • T. Higginbottom on his second night at the track put up a strong perfomance ic a C grade scratch and took out first in both the D grade points and Motor Pace
  • B. Cooper (FOA) also on his second track outing took away a  2nd and a third in the E grade Motor Pace and Scratch

For full results click here

*FOA= Melbourne based user’s of, a forum based around Australian fixed gear bikes and riding  

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