Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Track Tuesdays...

Only Duggan down at DISC last night. Banged up after a return to indoor soccer the previous night. Extremely sore hamstrings and multiple blood blisters on the feet. Toxic Avenger.

Big night down at DISC. Big fields in every grade. ~15 in C grade. Pipped for 1st in Scratch by 5 cm after attacking with 3.5 laps to go. 3rd place finished a way back behind 1st and myself. Don't know why I keep attacking like that.

My first 14 lap progressive points race saw me head into it with aspirations to attack on lap 10 to clean up as many as I could from there. Race panned out with me covering mid-race attacks and cherry picking laps by sitting on. Fast guys attacked at lap 10 and I had done too much work to go with them. Still managed to scrape in for 3rd.

Motorpace was long at 35 laps. Lots of tired legs meant an springy line behind the bike. Hard work. Poor choice of wheel too with a slight bloke not giving me much shelter. Felt ok but no top end at the finish. finished 5th or so.

A blast as usual.


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