Monday, February 21, 2011

Tour De Prom

What a glorious weekend for hard person riding. Four members of TDR headed out to Wilsons promontory to do a spot of riding over the weekend (Palfensa, Justin, Matt and Sarah). Kudos to the Luna riders for organising the event and note to all reading this post, generally, when a ride passes a wind farm that is a good indication that you will encounter strong winds.

The day started ominously, heavy rain all night and by 8:00 am there were no signs of it passing, luckily by 9:00 the winds had cleared the clouds away leaving only a wet road, this also left no chance for Palfensa to reveal his true marshmellow nature. We set off and while, apparently 90km wind gusts are too much for the windsurfers, it was not so for TDR and the Luna riders. 110 kms of pure hard person riding!

Highlights of the ride:
1) Riding 75 degrees to the road to keep upright due to the crosswinds and
2) Feeling like your head was about to be cut off by the massive wind turbine blades.

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