Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Track Tuesdays

Only half the TDR track complement tonight. Big fields meant D'alfonso once again got shunted to B grade. Will he hold his own again? Lets find out:

"It was really busy so C grade had 12 - 14 riders and there was an E grade with 6 riders! I raced in B, with about 12 riders, and got absolutely smashed in the scratch, managed to hold on to the first bunch of 4 riders, came 5th but I was spinning out. The fastest I have seen it, crazy tactics and the rider skills, riders slam right in on you if you leave half a wheel!

The second race was a progressive points race with one point per lap with the final lap worth 5 points (5-4-3-2-1). Attacks like all hell, I didnt have the gearing so I was stuck up the back for the first half. Just as I managed to get to the 5th wheel, the 2nd rider comes down, and the race is called off. Changed my tactics for the last 24 lap points race.... attack!

Sprints at 16, 8 and 0 with about 20 laps to go, I was 2nd wheel, as I roll off, I hang high on the hip for half a lap until on the next turn, still up high, I slam it down the hill and attack, flew past the bunch to yells of "up up" but I was away, gained a quarter of a lap lead and managed to hold them off taking the first sprint, totally buggered, I then slowed, the leaders flew past me but managed to catch onto a group of 3 that dragged me up to the leaders again. Rested, I attacked again with 10 laps to go, and again, they were caught sleeping, so I got a break and managed to take the next sprint. At this point, im stuffed, my gearing is waaaaaay to low im moving to 90", 86" is just too low. So I spent the next 8 laps riding solo with the bunch is half a lap in front trying not to get lapped by the remaining 6 riders.
Awesome though. Won the points race with a score of 10 second was 7 and third was 6."

Well done Palfensa. Well done.

Quick snap of Palfensa trying to intimidate B grade last night pre-race.

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