Monday, May 9, 2011

Race Report - Awww c'mon... Just let me go...

07/05/2011 - Northern Combine Race 2: Calder Park Teams Race 

TDR headed out to the hallowed bogan grounds at Calder Raceway to partake in the Tom Probert Teams support race. Kermesse format with D'alfonso and Duggan both promoting themselves to C grade. 20 laps of the raceway with sprints every 5 laps for points and Sprint King award.

Things got under way at a fairly leisurely pace. The first sprint was completed with D'alfonso taking it out after sitting on a good wheel that attacked from the peloton. In the post-sprint chaos, Duggan attacked up the hill on the back straight and got some distance on the chasing bunch before being swallowed up. The significant headwind and tailwind on the largely hot-dog circuit was going to make it tough for anything to get away.

Numerous attacks were attempted with little success including two from D'alfonso and others. These were chased down almost immediately and the bunch continued to surge towards the sprints. D'alfonso picked up the 3rd sprint for points putting him in a strong position for that award overall.

Final lap and Duggan had a good wheel in about 4th coming into the final corner. D'alfonso made a move around the outside and gained a few lengths on the peloton. Duggan quickly jumped across and with the yell of "BURY IT!" the leadout proceeded. Duggan went early and managed to pace into 2nd, backing off mid-sprint momentarily to reduce the chance of the win and subsequent promotion. D'alfonso finished mid-pack after giving a strong lead-out, wrapping up the Sprint King competition.

Watson and Co. had a very solid race in D grade, taking out the win. A good hit-out prior to the Geelong Tour this weekend.    

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