Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BCC track tuesday... the return!

After a bit of a hiatus, TDR ventured back into the DISC cauldron for a night of track racing.
With Duggans promotion to B, Watson stepped up in C grade to post a string of strong results. 1st in th epoints, 2nd in the motorpace and 2nd in the most exciting race of the night, C grade elimination. Which saw a fast finishing Perrin making up 4 lengths in the last 100m!
Duggan came out of the blocks strongly in the opening B grade points to take out the first two sprints sealing the win. Palfensa stayed out of games going on in the pack during the elimination to take the win. Strong ride in the 80 lap A+B motor pace from both riders. Duggan almost going the distance pulling out with 5 laps to go and Palfensa hanging on till the end to get 2nd in B grade by default.
Great night of racing.
Duggan (B) - 1st points
Palfensa (B) - 1st elimination, 2nd motorpace
Watson (C) - 1st points, 2nd elimination, 2nd motorpace

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