Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Race Report - Wood/Sellars Memorial Handicap

Words by TDR newcomer, Dingus Dave's cousin, Greg Hogan...

The drive from Geelong to Meredith for Wood/Sellars memorial handiycap began smoothly, no rain. However it was pretty cloudy and it was also really, really cold. Oh and quoting "shit cyclists say" left right and center...

Is that carbon?...Awwww carrbon... Is this a good spot to pee?

The race began with two groups between scratch and limit, a mistake on the handicaper's behalf was to put myself, and my high school mate and riding buddy Ned Volk, on second limit.

The first 5ks were fairly fast and with out realising it we had already dropped three or four other riders. the remaining local guys had made the decision to sit on and do minimal work. Ned, the power house that he is did most of the driving to bridge the gap to the limit markers where i pulled a turn where i could, pulling up beside Ned to say "I'm bonking. Got an extra bar? C-c-c-car baack. If i dont like this can i return this? *a gel* (All jest aside, I was actually starting to feel pretty bad though).

Not long befor the mid way point we caught the limit markers and went straight past, leaving them there. By the half way point., 32kms, I had dropped off the remaining pack, leaving me in no mans land and Ned with two others out in front. At some stage think with 20kms left, Ned broke away solo to clame the victory.

The last lap and half was by myself. I had some guy sitting on me not doing a thing, so I managed to shake him off coming into the hill section of the loop. The 10km time trial began to at least try to get on the podium. With the remaining two local boy always in sight I was slowly pulling them back, the bloke in the HTC kit that actually looked like Matt Goss popped big time, and I got past him with 7km left.

By now I'm running of the two slices of toast with nuttela that i had for breakfast and 1 part red & green cordial, two parts water and the words of Jens Voigt "SHUT UP LEGS!!". I brought the guy left back to roughly 15-20 seconds but with the ecouragement of a passing car he dragged the finishing time time gap back out to 40 seconds.

Second road race of the season and second podium finish under my belt. I'm keen for more races where I'im not needing to say "I'm an extra bar? I think my breaks are rubbing". But in all seriousness, I actually think I had a slow leak in the back...

Greg in team issue volleys...

And what do two Uni students buy with prize money from a race? Spiritus- 95% alchol...smells and tastes like metho. It's gonna be a rough night when that goes down.

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