Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Mt Baw Baw Classic - Vomit & Glory

Words by Kent...

Well, Jez, Adrian and I did Baw Baw. Easily the hardest race I have ever done.

Weather: amazing.
Distance: 103 kilometres: 3600 metres of vertical climbing, culminating in Baw Baw.

Pace was relatively on from the get-go. My legs felt super heavy from the start and, thus, popped about 35 kilometres in.

Spent the next twenty ks with my head down, trying to get a sweet rhythm. Got through the feed station, got my other bottle from Steve (huge thanks to Steve for the help during the day). But my legs were fucked, and everything progressively got harder and harder.

Vespers hill is about 6km, with an average of about 6-12 percent. Tapped it out, tried to keep calm. The next thirty odd ks were windy and beautiful. I knew i was heaps far back, so I drafted the course ambo for a bit, before they got wise to it. Had to briefly stop when i was overcome by cramps...so painful.

Hit the bottom of Baw Baw. The first 5km is an easy 4-5%, and i span up it, trying to make up as much ground as i could. I saw the sign for the Gantry, signalling the start of the last 6km, with an average of 12-13%, with spots of 20%. I was already cramped up, in pain, out of water. I was fucked.

The next 40minutes are a bit of a blur. Passed some guys staring vacantly into space, some vomit (which turns out was Jez's). At one point I think i started crying, but it was taking up too much energy.

Never have i been to relieved to see a finish line.

Pretty disappointed i couldn't stick with the bunch. I had been hoping to be with them until the climb, then make my own way up. I guess it just wasn't my day.

Huge shout out to Jez (10th!) and Adrian (Ed: and you Kent!) for smashing it. Also thanks to Steve and Elaine for helping out.

It is a fantastic race, but brutal. I am spent.

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