Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy Busy Busy Busy...

Words by Mills.

So first things first, an apology is in order, since the Shipwreck Classic we’ve been a bit lazy... lazy at updating the blog that is!

But don’t worry because the less time we spend here means the more time we spend out there on the bike, and with Bright just over two weeks away it doesn’t feel like its going to let up any time soon. The Shipwreck Classic has come and gone, and it certainly tested out mettle. It even gave a few of us second thoughts about following through with Bright, but it didn’t stop us and it hardly slowed us down.

Since getting back from Warrnambool its been go go go, with racing Track at Brunswick and Northcote, regular sessions down at both Hawthorn and Coburg Crits, long day’s out to the dandies’ for a few climbs, a cyclocross adventure out on some of Victoria’s best rail trails and even a 90km ITT thrown in there... you can see why the blogs been stale for a week or two, we’ve hardly had time to breathe!

But not long now one more week of hard training, a week to taper and rest up then Bright will be upon us and it will be time to put all these efforts to work. Then rest!

(Don’t mention training for the Christmas track carnivals! erg)

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