Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Big weekend of racing for TDR. Northern Combine kermesse at Campbellfield on the Saturday, followed by an assault (filling in for missing bodies) in the Brunswick Elite Mens team time trial squad.

NC Kermesse: C-grade

TDR raced on Saturday with a limited complement due to reduced numbers suffering Tour de France hangovers. The usual hard nuts dragged themselves out of bed and headed up to Campbellfield for the combine kermesse.

The race started very fast with an attack going from the roll out. A three man break initiated by Glynn Matthey had everyone scrambling for wheels. The break overtook the A grade bunch who were still warming up and pulled away. A-grade quickly shot into gear and overtook the small break, handing down a bit of a verbal spray, ensuring they got back past before the commissaires saw and prevented them from re-passing as per the rulebook.

As the pace settled in, numerous attacks went off the front. Nick Smith, Robert Merkel and Michael Sparke were amongst the action throughout the race. Duggan, feeling pretty good, was involved in several unsuccessful moves and chased down his fair share also. Late in the race Duggan attacked up the back straight and managed to gap the peloton for about 1.5 laps before being chased down. Today was going to be a day for the sprinters.

In the final stages of the race, the pace dropped with no one wanting to contribute to the pace making. Duggan took the responsibility, and set the pace for the peloton for the last 5 or so laps. Attempts were made in vain to get others near the front to work, but the task was left to Merkel and Duggan primarily.

Last time up and over the climb at the top of the circuit, Tim Feltham came through smashing what seemed like 53:11 with a very strong attack that Duggan felt he had to respond to. Rounding Feltham up about 10 m before the line, Duggan was overtaken and beaten by a length by Dustin Adderly, narrowly edging out the fast finishing Merkel for 2nd. Feltham with a strong finish in 4th.

Considering the involvement and work done in the race... stoked.

Vic Club TTT Champs: Elite Men

TDR lads headed out to Buninyong to race in BCC's Elite TTT squad due to unavailability of other riders. The boys had worked through a perfect one week preparation, tapering nicely before the race, and had high ambitions and taking home the gold.

The course was an undulating 50km out-and-back race with a tailwind on the way out, and a severe block-headwind on the way home.

Clip the bars on... Warm up for 10 mins.... Smash a gel... Roll out...

50 km/h. Perhaps we should ease up? Nah. She'll be right!

10 km in at near 50 km/h, Duggan dips into the red trying to hold the boys wheels up what seemed like one of innumerable short but sharp climbs. *POP* Out the back. D'Alfonso starts to drop back to pace Duggan back on, but realising they'll probably ride a faster time without him, Duggan signals them to go on.

The boys take off... 40 km ITT for Duggan...

At the turn around Duggan gives the lads a cheer of encouragement, realising he's only fallen about 1 km behind over the last 15 km. But rounding the turn, the headwind is brutal and there's no chance of getting back on.

D'Alfonso, Jeremy Soawyer and Brunswick TT animal Matt Lewis continued on with a super strong ride, easily beating the time set by the bronze medal team of the Elite Women.

Chapeau boys. The weeks preparation paid off!  

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