Thursday, June 9, 2011

Track Tuesdays...

Bigger and stronger fields down at DISC on Tuesday meant for a hard nights racing. Duggan got dropped by his own attack in the B-grade scratch race, getting caught out high on the track and missing the last wheel.

Lesson learnt: Get that last wheel at all costs because riding the last two laps at full speed two lengths off the back is horrible.

Elimination was better with some good positioning until late in the race where Duggan got boxed in and only made a move on the last bend to get out and over the other rider. Too little too late. Pipped. 5th.

Combined A/B 80 lap motorpace was great training and the lungs and legs felt ok. Pulled out with 12ish to go for 4th in B. Have to flip my stem as the current sprint-style setup is really affecting my comfort and control in these endurance events.

Good showing from Watson and Perrin in C grade also. Watson picking up second in the Elimination race, going down to Matt Gray which is nothing to be ashamed of.

Three Day Tour this weekend. Everyone's nervous. Everyone's excited. Lots of pics and reports to come. Will put a preview up tomorrow.

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